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Invest in 1HOPE

You are a community visionary and community architect destined to restore hope and transform lives.


Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.

Our movement began in 2015 when over 30 Kenosha churches worked together at a Convoy of Hope event. Based on our success and mutual goals, we decided to come together and work towards the common purpose of restoring hope and transforming lives in our community.

1HOPE believes that three things are at work in our lives: God is always seeking to remake, refocus and repurpose us for great things. As we use the gifts God has given us to help others, our lives are enriched as the hopes of others are lifted at the same time.

Let's dream big; you can help offer support to every foster family in Kenosha, you have the opportunity to provide access to after-school programs that instill character development, and your community can flourish unlike ever before. This work is something that was never meant to be done alone; this work will be advanced to the extent that faithful, committed individuals like you desire to see an effect that will last beyond every one of us.